New Home + Identity for Walsh Whiskey

Walsh Whiskey is one of the leading independent distillers of branded, super-premium craft Irish whiskey. The brand, in its new home at Royal Oak, works with local farms and communities in order to create charismatic Irish whiskies of exceptional quality.

studio designsquared, working in conjunction with our strategic partners, RichardsDee, were tasked with evolving the existing identity for Walsh Whiskey to relfect the creation of their new, world-class distillery at Royal Oak.

The new location is set on the grounds of Holloden House at Royal Oak, and framed by two hundred-year-old oak trees. Our task was to create an authentic, premium visual identity with a personal and vibrant visitor experience.

The collective team were engaged in a collaborative process with Walsh Whiskey, Bord Bia and Bluett & O’Donoghue architects-  workshops enabling us to gain a thorough understanding of the estate’s history and the distillery’s operational requirements - mapping the customer journey to ensure all touchpoints were considered and evaluated from the outset. 

The new identity is being implemented throughout the distillery visitor centre, communications and location signage.